Customer Story


How chose Stride to implement a strategic shift in their customer journey

The Result: Increased campaign KPIs by 500%

The Company believes art is dynamic, personal and connected to now, and the experience of buying and living with it should be too. As the parent organization to,, and, the corporate marketing team powers the experience for tens of millions of customers globally, across 25 localized websites and over 150 countries.

The Challenge needed to transform their customer journey from primarily-batch to primarily-personalized in order to maintain loyalty and the health of the customer list. was using an Oracle Marketing Cloud stack (Responsys), and was dependent on engineers to deploy and adjust triggered campaigns, and an analyst to pull SQL for segmented batch campaigns. New programs could take weeks or months to execute.

Why chose Stride turned to Stride’s Customer Data Platform to empower their marketing team to deploy personalization and execute faster without any engineering or professional services. With Stride’s Customer Data Platform, ingested data from various point solutions and platforms, enabling a non-technical user to action on a complete view of the customer. Audiences that used to require SQL queries written against multiple databases became point and click.

Self-serve triggered programs

Stride removed the need for additional resources and empowered to independently deploy new iterations of abandonment, lifecycle and other triggered campaigns in hours instead of waiting months for engineering. The Marketing team can now create behaviorally-driven campaigns on the fly and is no longer having to wait days for data to come to them.


Stride’s cross-channel orchestration allowed the team to increase their personalization in Facebook ads, and even optimize audiences across channels. Now ad spend can be focused on non-email engagers, and high-value audiences are targeted with ease.

Dynamic content

Using Stride’s personalization library, the team created 1:1 personalization variables to make email content different for each visitor. Stride provided Art with an easy, self-serve method to quickly size audiences, trigger programs and iterate based on results. The turnaround time from idea to execution is so quick that the team is testing and launching campaigns at a velocity that would have previously required a data scientist to be attached to the team at all times.

“Unless a first-year college student can master a tool within 24 hours, you’ll never use it. A CDP needs to be accessible and actionable.”

James Connolly VP of Engagement

The Results

Using Stride, has been able to move key business metrics, including increasing revenue-per-email in triggered campaigns by 500%. With Stride’s capabilities, the team was able to gain a full return on their investment in under two months. Overall, Stride helped transform the email customer journey to be majority-triggered communications.

Going beyond email with Cross-Channel Optimization

Using Stride’s Facebook integration, the team was able to personalize ad audiences and increase Return-on-Ad-Spend by 29%, while leveraging lookalikes to make better acquisition campaigns.

Operational efficiency while delivering a great customer experience

Stride’s flexibility allowed to create new segmentations and triggered campaigns over 10 times faster, and execute in minutes what previously took weeks or months of waiting.